Car Crash TV series 5


A brand new series of Car Crash TV is hurtling towards a tellybox near you this evening. (This evening meaning 24th September 2019 if you're currently double-tapping from way-back). So brace yourself for the latest appalling life choices caught on dash cam.

My jokes from series 4 can't have been too cringe because my name remains in the series 5 credits under 'scriptwriters', alongside Joel Orme and Jake Caveney. Random note: Jake looks like Noel Fielding which is a constant source of amusement.

This series of Car Crash TV has a whole new look, brand new features (including my personal favourite, 'Behind Bars') and the voice of Darren Altman, of Britain's Got Talent success, who has taken the wheel for delivering our innovative comedy. Yes Todd Phillips, you just have to try that little bit harder and it can still be achieved...

Man, I sure just showed the director of The Joker. Bet he feels like a right mug now.

Car Crash TV series 5 will air weekly at 9pm on 5Spike for a whole 12 weeks (unless we crash and burn ourselves first...)

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