Superior - art by Alex Aguilar

I love books. I love films. And I believe this once-stigmatised artform is the perfect combination of both, now front and centre of our cultural zeitgeist. From X-Men to the Walking Dead, Pride of Baghdad to Daredevil, there is no end to the variety of stories and characters which can and do come to life through drawings and speech bubbles. It’s a medium I’ve always held very close to my heart, and one which I hope over the years, I will get to make significant contributions to.

In September 2017, my first comic book was published. The Millarworld Annual 2017 features the creations of comic legend Mark Millar in new material told by up-and-coming writers and artists. My story ‘Symptoms’ stars the character Superior, and juxtaposes his childhood multiple sclerosis struggles with his newfound superhero abilities. Interestingly, the rights to the Millarworld characters and stories have recently been purchased by Netflix… You can read an interview I did about the annual here.

I have big comic plans on the horizon - this is very much 'to be continued...'

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