While these days I work almost exclusively in scripts, my writing output started in a much more traditional manner…

Chapter One, a book of ten short stories, was published back in 2013, as I was reaching the end of my good-old-teenage-years. The cover shows Hitler having transformed into a monkey… what more needs to be said? You can get a copy here.

The stories of Chapter One have had success in several competitions: 'Fear’s Touch' was a winner of Mardibooks’ ‘Toast’, 'Bridge of Sighs' was third in the Student Wordsmith’s ‘You is For University’, and 'Nobody Important' was shortlisted in the Telegraph’s ‘A Story For Our Time’, run by Penguin Books and judged by John le Carré. The latter has also been optioned for adaptation by a short film director. Which is weird as I couldn’t even grow a beard when I wrote it.

Some people still ask if we will ever see a Chapter Two. The answer to that is no, because logic would suggest that with that title, it could only ever sell as many copies as the first one. As for another collection of stories altogether? Well since Chapter One I've amassed a fair few which I believe are fit to print... so never say never.

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