New website...

I now have a new website! Where we find ourselves would suggest you might already be aware of that, but if you've managed to stumble here in classic-early-hours-of-Saturday-not-knowing-where-you-really-are type fashion... you're on my new website!

Considering the site is as topline as it is, it's taken far longer than I expected, primarily due to my own ignorance with code/script. To jump straight into the theme of the site with a proper script, here's general gist of my dynamic with my web designer:

Me: Hey, how about this?? You could have a curtain at either side of the screen which pull apart as if you're at the theatre!

Web designer: Hm, all that 'trying to imitate the real world' stuff is called skeuomorphism and it almost always ends up looking tacky. How about this mobile-friendly one-page layout which is quick to load and easy to look at?

Me: Yeah, fair enough, that's quite nice actually. Oh wait, how about if this section had a spinny effect like you're flicking through a notebook, and then this window has a little superhero flying past so it looks like an actual real window??

Web designer: How about you go and write a play and let me go with my gut?

I'm going to take this as an opportunity to thank the kind folks whose content I have used on the homepage (in scroll order):

Feedback about the website is welcome as long as it is 100% complimentary. No suggestions for improvements please unless you happen to be a coder and know for a fact -and I mean a fact- that they would be very easy to implement, because I'm as busy as Ringo Starr.

Oh and if you fancy sharing the site with any of your friends or family who like sitting up to a good story, the address is But unless you've just stumbled here in the early hours of a Saturday, you already knew that.

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