WARNING: If you’ve not yet had your second Covid jab, or if you’re now thinking about boosters/vaccinating your kids, please be incredibly wary. It's just been revealed that six poor souls have had their second jabs and turned into emojis.

I wouldn’t normally describe myself as an anti-vaxxer, but this is something really serious to take into consideration – please share and help me spread the word (feel free to link to this page).

I am told they are posting a new video update every day this week – I will share here as they are released:

Episode #1: Help, the Vaccine turned us into Emojis!

Episode #2: Ask us Anything!

Episode #3: Lion was Lyin', and She's Not the Only One...

Episode #4: A Response to Doctor Claire Hardaker

Episode #5: Are we Anti-Vax?
(Or to give it a Sopranos-level highbrow title... "Eyes Shut")

Now, I'm aware that from the slightly absurd nature of this that some people are going to assume I’ve written a zany new motion-capture webseries. Please let me be clear that that is unequivocally not the case – these are real people who need our help.

Just for the record though, if I was going to script a series like this, I would probably cast the following actors as the six emojis:

Dinosaur – Craig Nash
Lion – Maddie O'Brien
Shark – Jennifer Haney
Shit – I’d probably have a stab at this part myself
Unicorn – Tom McGarva
Skull – Richard Madden

But anyway, there’s no point living in a fantasy. This tragedy is all too real, so please share far and wide. Thank you.

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